India Clean Air Connect aims to help unlock barriers to air quality action in India at scale

Our goal is to support greater coordination, & collaboration across people working on air quality from diverse expertise and geographies

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India Clean Air Connect is a response to air quality convenings hosted by the India Climate Collaborative, Clean Air Fund, ClimateWorks Foundation and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation in 2019 and 2020.

India's air pollution is not limited to one city or one source

Solving for India's air pollution crisis means:


Aligning efforts across different disciplines to address multiple sources of pollution


Improving air quality in all 124 non-attainment cities, 73 polluted industrial clusters and more


Amplifying and strengthening existing efforts and networks

124 Non-attainment cities 

73 Critically polluted industrial clusters

If your work seeks to improve India’s air quality through communication, advocacy, research, policy change, planning, litigation, community engagement or market-based solutions, join #IndiaCleanAirConnect

What are we doing?

We aim to understand how air quality work can be best supported.​

1. How can philanthropic funding be more strategically channeled to support urgent and impactful air quality work?

2. How can existing knowledge, skills, expertise be leveraged to augment our individual efforts and collective impact?

Our key goal:


Support greater coordination, alignment on goals, and collaboration across people working on air quality from diverse expertise and geographies.

How will it impact your work?

  • Make organizations and their work visible to the larger ecosystem including funders

  • Help find like-minded individuals, organizations and networks to partner with

  • Discover sources of knowledge, expertise and funding opportunities 

  • Know needs and priorities of actors in the local ecosystem around you

  • Take stock of our collective experience and progress in addressing air pollution so far

How are we doing it?

We are asking you!

We are engaging with hundreds of people across the country that are working across different regions, from scientists to lawyers, journalists, campaigners, entrepreneurs, planners, doctors, policy professionals, researchers and public health workers.

Our approach:

  1. Document air quality work that is underway in India, who is doing it and where it is being done

  2. Aggregate trends of challenges faced in air quality work, gaps in knowledge, funding and collaborations that support work as well as opportunities for impact

  3. Understand shared priorities by sector, discipline and region

What is the output of this exercise?

Convening - Sept 2021


We aim to assimilate these voices and insights and reflect them back, like a mirror to this large air quality ecosystem, at an air quality community convening in sept 2021. This will provide better context to inform individual efforts as well as create common ground to co-build pathways for collective action.

Air quality champion map


We aim to create a map of the air quality champions working in different regions and problem areas across the country to encourage  local support systems and collaborations.

"when towns like Singrauli or Korba breathe clean air, Delhi will too"

- Shweta Narayan, HEI, India


Your voice is imperative

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The India Climate Collaborative
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India AQ Hub
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