About India Clean Air Connect

The India Clean Air Connect platform is an outcome of a 2021-22 study to map and assess India’s growing air quality ecosystem. The study was commissioned by The India Climate Collaborative & EdelGive Foundation and executed by Sensing Local. It involved engaging with a diverse set of organisations across India that are working to tackle air pollution consisting of scientists, lawyers, journalists, campaigners, entrepreneurs, researchers, public health experts etc., towards the following goals:


 1. Map diverse efforts to tackle air quality and where they are being undertaken

 2. Aggregate trends of challenges faced in air quality work, types of data knowledge sources dominantly used, opportunities for funding and collaborations that support air quality work 

 3. Understand shared priorities by sector, discipline and region


This website is conceived as a digital community resources portal to share valuable information aggregated through the study from the community at large. This includes a database of 352 air quality actors in over 100 cities and 16 countries, 74 international and national sources of data and knowledge, a list of 70+ networks in the ecosystem. 


This platform aims to make organisations and their work visible to the larger ecosystem, including funders and help find like-minded individuals, organisations, and networks to partner with. It is also to aid the easy discovery of different relevant sources of knowledge, events, jobs, and opportunities for funding and collaboration. Lastly, the platform is also to behave as a mirror to the community and take stock of our collective experience and progress in addressing air pollution. 

Report | Mapping and assessing India's AQ ecosystem