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Senior Research & Program Manager

SwitchON Foundation


28 May 2023

7 Jun 2023



Greater Kolkata

Job description

Job Responsibilities

1) Research & Reporting

- Co-create, design and lead in-house research projects from start to finish

- Working with teams to develop key hypotheses and research proposals in line with team strategies. Provide guidance on research design, methodology, tools and data analysis.

-Ensuring timely implementation of research projects with a strong focus on execution and quality assurance, including data validity checks, analysis/interpretation and editorial support. - Write and produce informative briefings, research papers, reports, email updates and other materials on the project. Drafting documents (research summaries, briefs recommendations, vision documents) for external stakeholders.

- Identifies policy issues, ideating research, consultations and analysis

- Driving partnerships with academic, development research institutions and think tanks to augment credibility of research

2) Planning & Strategic Management

- Oversee planning, implementation and evaluation of the program - Monitor the day-to-day delivery of the program to maintain or improve quality - Responsible for developing and implementing work plans, identifying and defining key initiatives and outcomes, conducting research, writing policy papers, and making recommendations for consideration

3) Monitoring and Evaluation, Fundraising

-Training Design, Development and Delivery. Conduct learning sessions, provides regular coaching and support during the action period for implementing

- Coordinate submission and negotiation of project proposals & applying for awards.

- Identify funding opportunities & write grants & proposals for the same - Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of the program - Partner with individuals & organizations in both public & private sector to plan, initiate & implement advocacy strategies

4) Oversee organization communication and Stakeholder Management

- Communicate externally through both formal and informal channels (Social media, publishing reports etc.) , presenting at webinars, conferences & other meetings as necessary - Building long term relationships with stakeholders


Experience & Skills

● Minimum of 5 years of experience

● Experience in Renewable Energy / Sustainable agriculture / Air Pollution / Climate Change

● Excellent command over English Language

● Have strong analytical Skills

● Comfortable with large data sets and proficient in Excel

● Knowledge of data analysis software such as Stata/ N-Vivo will be preferred ● Familiarity in working with quantitative software packages (STATA/ SPSS/ R/ Python)

● Experience working in project-based settings

● Experience with qualitative research, including ethnographic methods, participatory reflexive analysis, & other relevant methodologies.

● Expertise in conducting qualitative interviews and analyzing qualitative data ● Some familiarity with mixed-method study design

● Ability to multi-task and take responsibility for the timely completion of activities ● Innovative and receptive to working on new ideas and proposals

About the organisation

SwitchON Foundation is an award-winning not-for-profit working since 2008 in the sectors of Sustainable Agriculture / Livelihoods, Renewable Energy Access, Skilling, and Environment & Climate Change. They are a leader in building social enterprises and ecosystems to create scalable and replicable impacts.

1) EEWA (Empowering the Energy - Water- Agriculture Nexus in East India) 2) Clean Air Sustainable Cities (CASC)

They have expanded their focus from farmer livelihood development in India by promoting renewable energy solutions, organic farming practices, and farmer-producer organizations using regenerative agriculture promotion, to upskilling and capacity building, empirical research, policy advocacy, and dissemination of information.

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