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Program Manager



27 Jul 2022

29 Jul 2022




Job description

The ideal candidate will be a part of the team leading A-PAG’s interventions in Delhi-NCR, it will be your responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of our programs. To do this, you will work closely with the leadership at municipal corporations in the NCR. Implementation of A-PAG’s dispersed sources program would be a priority; in addition to this you would have the opportunity to devise and pilot new interventions which are scalable and target other sources of air pollution in the region. This individual should be able to foresee any problems related to the completion of a project and act in a timely manner to mitigate any issues.



  • Program Strategy and Implementation: Working with leadership in your zones you would need to ensure all processes are put into place and all planned actions are carried out in a time bound manner. You will engage very closely with the leadership within the MCs to identify any problem areas, share recommendations and ensure corrective action is implemented.
  • Team Management: You would be supported by a Program Associate(s) to achieve the intended outcomes of the project and would be responsible for their guidance and development.
  • Stakeholder Management: You will be expected to build relationships with officials ranging from the operational levels of these organizations (Ex. Junior Engineers, Sanitary Inspectors) to the leadership (Ex. Deputy Commissioners, Chairmen) and drive these engagements to ensure success.. You will also support the MCs in coordinating with other agencies in the region (Ex. PWD, CPWD, DDA).
  • Monitoring and Review: Putting in place a robust monitoring and review process will be a key priority. You will be responsible to ensure structured reviews are held in your area in order to make progress towards resolving the issues identified on ground.
  • Program Expansion: While engaging with leadership across multiple government organizations you would have visibility to understand problem areas and develop deep insights. You would be expected to translate these into action and pilot new initiatives which target air pollution in the NCR.
  • Vendor Management: The project is supported by third parties at multiple levels. You will be. responsible to guide and oversee the functioning of these third-party vendors.
  • Work experience in the space of environment/ program implementation is critical.
  • Bachelor's degree 3+ years of experience in program management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite
  • Strong communication, organizational, analytical and critical thinking skills
About the organisation

A-PAG is a foundation that has been set up to help reduce air pollution in India. Our initial focus is on the Indo-Gangetic plain; that’s because the issue here is even more acute than it is around the country. Unlike a number of other civic organisations who work on environmental issues, our emphasis is entirely on air pollution.

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