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Program Manager



17 Jun 2023

3 Jul 2023



New Delhi

Job description

SPP team does primary and secondary research, consults with experts and stakeholders to device strategies and solutions for action, and then identifies pilot projects that can be undertaken in any city by our implementation teams. As part of the research, we study sources of pollution, their causes, policy gaps, current interventions & challenges and propose projects where we can help a ULB to pilot test a solution. During and post completion of such a project, we capture learnings and help scale it up upon becoming successful.

As part of the team, you will work on building evidence around policy reforms that have worked and will work for Indian states, and develop a larger perspective of your own on what it takes to tackle the air pollution crisis in India.

The role is a dynamic opportunity for someone who is passionate about environmental issues and wants to work on key policy reforms to mitigate air pollution. This is a dynamic opportunity where you will get to build relationships with experts, policy makers, A-PAG senior leadership, local city government officials, State Pollution Control Boards, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, and other partners and vendors to increase salience for key policy reforms that have the potential to have a direct impact in solving the air pollution challenge in the Indo-Gangetic plains.



  • A Master’s degree in Public Policy, Environment Policy, and the Social Sciences is preferred. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in science/ engineering or any other technical field with a strong record of academic performance is required.
  • 3+ years of work experience in a role with substantial analytical requirements, and/ or policy research with the government or development sector

Skill Sets Required

  • Excellent analytical, research, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Strong understanding of developing systems, formats and templates for project strategy, ideation and planning
  • Great interpersonal skills and ability to interact, build strong relationships and understand the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Strong planning and organizational skills and an ability to set priorities, plan timelines and meet deadlines
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, especially note writing.
  • Comfortable working in ambiguous environments; self-starter that can use good judgment and resourcefulness to take action in the absence of clear guidance and articulation
  • Comfortable with use of MS Office tools
  • Knowledge of statistics, data analysis and data visualization; comfortable using tools such as Excel, Stata, Google charts, Tableau, and others
About the organisation

Founded in 2019, A-PAG (also known as FIQL - Foundation for Improving the Quality of Life) is a non-profit philanthropic foundation working with the vision of improving air quality to meet basic sustenance levels in India. We are driven by our mission to increase citizen engagement for greater political salience thereby stimulating political will to act along with supporting the government’s implementation efforts by helping plug capacity gaps. We believe that air quality has numerous direct and indirect impacts on quality of life and living standards including but not limited to healthcare, cleanliness, etc. In order to achieve this, we partner with technological and social impact organizations to bring innovative solutions, as well as work with the government to drive systemic impact. We also collaborate with the ecosystem to leverage knowledge and create proven tools around critical issues.

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