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Program Associate / Manager Strategy, Planning and Policy



5 May 2023

31 May 2023




Job description

The role is a dynamic opportunity for someone who is passionate about environmental issues and wants to work on key policy reforms to mitigate air pollution. This is a dynamic opportunity where you will get to build relationships with experts, policy makers, A-PAG senior leadership, local city government officials, State Pollution Control Boards, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, and other partners and vendors to increase salience for key policy reforms that have the potential to have a direct impact in solving the air pollution challenge in the Indo-Gangetic plains.


1. Policy and Research: You will have to research and analyse policies, map the landscape (current context, existing Government interventions, stakeholders, new reforms, global best practices etc.) and identify issues in policy implementation across different sectors that contribute to air pollution. You will conduct primary and secondary research to develop position papers, policy briefs, concept notes, project charters and stakeholder presentations etc. 2. Strategy and Planning: The impact of policy research is twofold. You will help identify actionable recommendations and define scope of the long term projects from City Action Plans that different geography based implementation teams at A-PAG can prioritize and work on with respective Government officials. Two, is to provide expertise to state and the central government bodies on topics such as crop residue burning, vehicular pollution, solid waste management, industrial pollution. 3. Support pilots: You will provide handholding support on key strategic and high-impact projects that are designed to increase salience on air pollution in the ecosystem. You will help in developing a roadmap for implementation of the identified reforms and designing interventions that can bring about reductions in air pollution. 4. Documentation: You will capture learnings from our implemented projects to create documents, articles and learning material for use by internal teams at A-PAG for expansion into newer geographies, and also for external Government organizations if they want to implement similar projects on their own.


●    Excellent analytical, research, critical thinking and problem-solving skills ●    Strong understanding of developing systems, formats and templates for project strategy, ideation and planning ●    Great interpersonal skills and ability to interact, build strong relationships and understand the needs of internal and external stakeholders ●    Strong planning and organizational skills and an ability to set priorities, plan timelines and meet deadlines ●    Strong verbal and written communication skills, especially note writing. ●    Comfortable working in ambiguous environments; self-starter that can use good judgment and resourcefulness to take action in the absence of clear guidance and articulation ●    Comfortable with use of MS Office tools ●    Knowledge of statistics, data analysis and data visualization; comfortable using tools such as Excel, Stata, Google charts, Tableau, and others

About the organisation

Air Pollution Action Group (A-PAG) was set up in 2019 by Ashish Dhawan (Founder and Chairperson, Ashoka University and Central Square Foundation), Vijay Chadda (previously CEO of Bharti Foundation) and Mohit Beotra (previously Chief Brand Officer of Airtel).  A-PAG is part of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR and adjoining regions. A-PAG is focused on strategic implementation of solutions to combat air pollution and has created a niche for itself within the broader ecosystem in the last 3 years. In this time, A-PAG has made significant progress towards bold and ambitious targets in three key areas: 

•      State Reforms and Implementation focused on leading A-PAG’s efforts in the Indo- Gangetic states with the overall aim of helping states and cities implement City Action Plans against air pollution. A repository of toolkits, resources, products, etc. that enable various stakeholders to address key issues has also been created.

•      Policy and Research focused on translating evidence and learnings into relevant policy instruments or implementation toolkits to solve air pollution systematically.

•      Political salience and advocacy focused on citizen engagement and building engagement with relevant stakeholders at the national and state level to ultimately push for political action against air pollution.

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