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Head, Monitoring and Evaluation



9 Aug 2022

30 Aug 2022



New Delhi

Job description

The key responsibilities of Head, Monitoring and Evaluation would be as follows:

  • Developing the right framework: We run programs of a varied nature, each of which is  aimed at a different source of pollution. From an M&E standpoint, this means that we require monitoring & evaluation frameworks that are designed specifically for each program. You would need to develop these based on an in-depth understanding of the planned outcomes of each program, with a focus on outputs & outcomes tracking.
  • Data gathering process: You will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate data is gathered correctly and in a timely manner. This would be based on the framework you design. To gather the data, you would need to work closely with the PMU team. In  addition, we expect that you may also need to engage the services of 3rd party organizations.
  • Codification of learning: Our strategy is to run pilot programs, and then scale them  once we have evidence of their effectiveness. This requires codifying the learning from the pilot in a manner that allows easy & efficient roll out. A critical piece of the codification would be the impact analysis i.e., the evidence thrown up by the M&E framework being overseen by you. This would be needed for pilots that are successes, as  well as those we decide not to continue with.
  • Driving Government engagement: From Government officials in the Central Ministry  to State level officials, you will be required to deal with Government officials at very senior levels. Your focus would be on leveraging the M&E data in a manner that impresses upon them the impact our programs are delivering. You would also need to ensure that your M&E framework reflects an understanding of the expectations of these  officials.
  • Managing partnerships: Our strategy involves banking on partners for their technical  expertise. You would be expected to play a key role in enabling the partnerships required to deliver against the M&E goals. Such policy & program dialogues may also be  used to support building stronger M&E systems in the relevant agencies. This also includes supporting the leadership team to help manage donor expectations.


  • Masters’ degree in relevant fields, including business or development sector  management, environmental studies or public policy with a strong track record of outstanding academic performance.
  • 6-8 years of work experience working on roles within the M&E space; preferably with  exposure in a strongly outcomes/measurements focused organization. Experience with outsourcing & quality assured survey firms will be an advantage.
  • Experience working in the space of environment/ air pollution would be preferred but is  not essential – however, passion to solve the air pollution crisis in India is critical

Skill sets required

  • Core M&E skills – you need to lead our thinking on M&E frameworks; including the  ability to put in place processes for data gathering.
  • Entrepreneurship – success in this role depends heavily on your making things happen.
  • Team working – you will need to work closely with the PMU responsible for each program.
  • Ability to work alongside senior Government officials, while being able to convince them to accept our recommendations.
  • Ability to learn quickly – air pollution is a relatively nascent space and new knowledge is constantly emerging which we need to understand & utilize to our benefit.
About the organisation

A-PAG is a foundation that has been set up to help reduce air pollution in India. Our initial focus is on the Indo-Gangetic plain; that’s because the issue here is even more acute than it is around the country. Unlike a number of other civic organisations who work on environmental issues, our emphasis is entirely on air pollution

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