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Atmospheric Scientist

Sensing Local


30 Dec 2021

30 May 2022




Job description

We are looking for a Wayfinding Designer to join the team who will lead the Signage and Wayfinding projects in all aspects related to graphic design, visual branding, typology, colour schematic etc. She/he will work closely with other team members consisting of urban planners, architects, product designers and GIS experts.


We are looking for a team member that is articulate, proactive, open minded, agile and have the ability to work in a highly collaborative environment.

Further skills include:

  • Skills in cartography and previous experience of working on way-finding systems, exhibition designs etc.

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other relevant software

  • Ability to quickly ideate, visualise, iterate designs

  • Delivery of projects from conception to production

  • Must thrive in an environment where co-creation, and iterative design is a norm

  • Be empathetic to working in complex public projects

  • Must be a problem solver at heart

  • Be a self starter and an enabler

About the organisation

Sensing Local is an urban Living Lab in Bengaluru. We work towards tackling environmental challenges in Indian cities through collaboration, participatory planning approaches and building shared knowledge. We are also deeply interested in legibility of cities and how maps, information and way-finding systems impact the way people discover, engage and associate with spaces. This affects the visual identity, our sense of belonging, efforts of conservation, and even planning efforts. Over the last few years, we have been developing a portfolio of projects to create way-finding systems for public spaces, neighbourhoods and transit systems. We are now setting up a dedicated team to take this forward as an independent vertical.

For any more details reach out to us on 

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