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Swaniti Initiative


17 Apr 2023

8 May 2023



Mengio, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Job description

Associate – Clean Air is an opportunity for committed youths to work with Hon’ble Members of Parliament (MPs) on air pollution and allied issues. The Associates would be expected to drive policy issues at the national level and create a visible impact on the constituency. The job majorly requires exceptional research skills, the ability to coordinate with diverse stakeholders, multitasking, a problem-solving attitude, and polished communication skills.

What you will do:

Undertake continuous research on air pollution/allied domains to produce succinct briefs/papers/ knowledge products related to:

  • National and state-level policy and programs
  • Constituency-specific issues
  • Innovations and best practices at the local, national and international level

Undertake output-oriented engagement/activities at constituency/state//national level with:

  • Local Government, civil society, youths, citizenry, think tanks, etc
  • Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Industry
  • Organize public-facing events on air pollution and allied issues

Facilitate implementation of programs and policies by:

  • Supporting interdepartmental convergence and coordination for tangible outcomes
  • Undertaking field visits to gather on-ground insights for identifying potential areas of intervention
  • Participating in relevant meetings of local administration
  • Mapping the capacity-building areas of local administration
  • Coordination with the local administration to achieve programmatic deliverables/identified targets
  • Collect programmatic data from stakeholders

Support legislative work related to clean air and any other component as and when required by Hon’ble MPs:

  • Identify critical gaps at the constituency and national levels to be undertaken
  • Draft parliamentary interventions
  • Background research for Parliamentary interventions
  • Examine relevant bills
  • Research for standing committees meetings, as applicable
  • Research to identify possible areas for Private Member Bills
  • Support for District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DISHA) Meetings
  • Overall research support beyond air pollution and allied issues, as and when required
  • Ability to understand complex issues related to the environment, sustainability, and pollution
  • Support local administration through research, technical assistance, field visits, monitoring and community mobilization, etc
  • Identify, create a pool and coordinate to execute activities with Grassroots organizations/CSR wings of Industry working in the domain of air pollution and related issues
  • Presenting relevant national-level policies/reports/briefs in a succinct and comprehendible manner to local stakeholders
  • Ability to identify micro-level issues and connect them to macro-level issues
  • Identify, scale up and highlight relevant local interventions
  • Document administrative requirements/reports/findings, media pieces/local success stories, etc. for larger dissemination
  • Highlighting and drafting pieces on local innovations
  • Highlight relevant issues about air pollution/allied issues for DISHA Committee meetings
  • Increase the visibility of Parliamentarians on the air pollution/allied issues
  • Facilitate study and exposure tours

Minimum engagement period: 18 months

Consolidated remuneration: INR 60,000 per month

Joining: On a rolling basis

Required Essentials

  • Graduate or post-graduate degree related to Climate Change, Economics, Environmental Management/Law, Public policy, international development, or other alike from a reputed university
  • 3-4 years of experience working on air pollution/climate/environment policy and programs or related fields. Less experienced candidates can be considered in exceptional conditions
  • Knowledge and awareness about standard policymaking procedures and functioning of Parliament
  • Understands Union and State Government’s functioning and structures
  • Advance understanding of programs and policies related to air pollution
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with competencies in articulating ideas succinctly on issues of air pollution and allied issues
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Ability to establish linkages between air pollution and other forms of public discourse
  • Demonstrated ability to understand Parliamentary procedures, comprehend reports of Parliamentary Committees, Ministries and various National and International experts/stakeholders/agencies
  • Skills to understand budgets and financial provisions made by Union and State Governments

Desirable attributes

  • Enthusiasm to address the issue of Air Pollution and related policy issues
  • Attitude to working with public representatives
  • Preference will be given to those who have worked with Government on pollution and allied sectors
  • Have worked previously in the state for which you have applied and are well versed in the local language of the same
  • Interested in designing solutions for air pollution, climate change, clean energy, and clean transportation and their impact
  • Ability to understand India’s international negotiation position on climate concerning United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) processes and its relevance to Indian states
About the organisation

Swaniti is a non-partisan social enterprise, which works with policymakers and elected representatives to deliver development solutions across the country. The vision of the organization is to create a vibrant, better and inclusive India. It is in line with this vision that Swaniti provides end-to-end solutions, including knowledge support, on-ground implementation and data tools, to both Parliamentarians and government administration in order to improve public service delivery. This is done by mobilising government schemes and programmes, ensuring effective implementation, and maximising their impact.

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