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Workshop on Air Quality and Sources of Air Pollution- by Prof. Faye McNeill

SwitchOn Foundation

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12 Jul 2023

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12 Jul 2023

About the Event

On 12th July, 2023 SwitchOn is organizing “Air Quality Workshop” with Prof. Faye McNeill from Columbia University where special reference will be on addressing environmental challenges focusing on air pollution and climate change. In this workshop Prof. Faye shall be focusing on the issues of what are the  sources of air pollution in my neighborhood, How is air pollution measured, What action may be taken towards cleaner air and other air pollution related issues.

About the organiser

SwitchON Foundation is an award-winning not-for-profit working since 2008 in the sectors of Sustainable Agriculture / Livelihoods, Renewable Energy Access, Skilling, and Environment & Climate Change. They are a leader in building social enterprises and ecosystems to create scalable and replicable impacts.

1) EEWA (Empowering the Energy - Water- Agriculture Nexus in East India) 2) Clean Air Sustainable Cities (CASC)

They have expanded their focus from farmer livelihood development in India by promoting renewable energy solutions, organic farming practices, and farmer-producer organizations using regenerative agriculture promotion, to upskilling and capacity building, empirical research, policy advocacy, and dissemination of information.

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