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Why some issues don't matter electorally?

Centre for Policy Research

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25 Jan 2024

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25 Jan 2024

About the Event

Please join this webinar to discuss why certain issues like air pollution do not get salience among parties & voters.

About the organiser

CPR brings together India’s best thinkers and policy practitioners who are at the forefront of both research and engagement in the policy space, drawing from various disciplines and professional backgrounds. CPR conducts advanced and in-depth research on a wide range of policy-relevant issues, with a focus on India’s 21st-century challenges. Through its research and policymaking engagements, CPR works closely with policymakers in its aim to place India firmly on the path of building a twenty-first century policy ecosystem.

The institution nurtures and supports scholarly excellence. However, the institution does not take a collective position on issues. CPR’s scholars have complete autonomy to express their individual views.

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