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Urban Food Solutions for Vulnerable Communities


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11 May 2023

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11 May 2023

About the Event

Join Chintan in launching the film on #KyaritoKitchen initiative and recipe book, followed by a roundtable discussion on 'Building climate adaptation and nutritional resilience for vulnerable women'.


In 2019, Chintan identified Urban Farming as a solution to counter climate-induced nutritional insecurity. The #KyaritoKitchen initiative in partnership with Flipkart Foundation and Give India focused on 5000 women living in informal and urban poor settlements in 8 parts of Delhi. Capacities of women were built to grow their own vegetables to develop self-sustenance and nutritional resilience.


This gathering is both a celebration of the success of the initiative and a careful deliberation on scalable solutions to build nutritional resilience in the face of climate change. We look forward to your insights during the discussion.

About the organiser

Chintan is an environmental NGO that works for environmental sustainability and social justice with diverse stakeholders.

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