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Unfair Air Quality - Exhibition & Discussion


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17 Jun 2023

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17 Jun 2023

About the Event

Chintan's report on 300 outdoor workers reveals alarming health results. Join the event to know how air pollution impacts waste pickers, security guards, and safai karamcharis; and what we can do about it.

About the organiser

At Chintan, we look at waste in a whole new way - As a resource that supports livelihoods and fights poverty and as a tool that empowers women and children. Established in 1999, we are internationally awarded non-profit that enables proactive participation of informal recycling sector in waste management at Delhi NCR. Chintan’s programs for waste pickers employ over 1000 wastepickers collecting waste from over 24,000 households in the NCR. We deliver professional level waste and e-waste management across residential areas and with over 12 bulk waste generators.


Chintan also runs education programs to phase out child labour from wastepicking, and mainstream children, particularly girls, into schools and help them stay in school. The program has benefited over 5,000 children across Delhi to formal schools. We also undertake cutting-edge research and actively participate in policy advocacy and monitoring. Our efforts have resulted in the passing of 5 new policies and rules that are inclusive of the informal waste handling and recycling sector. Chintan endeavours to secure the right to a life with dignity for informal recyclers and to access environmentally and socially responsible waste recycling. We look forward to partnering with more organizations to bring sustainable waste management practices to the forefront.

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