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Training Program on Aerosols and Climate

Divecha Centre for Climate Change

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31 Oct 2023

Event time:

11 Dec 2023

About the Event

The training program include lectures by eminent scientists/experts and practical/tutorial sessions on scattering models, radiative transfer models, instruments and satellite remote sensing. The topics include: Basics of Aerosols; Atmospheric Scattering due to Aerosols; Scattering models; Radiative Transfer Through the Atmosphere (with emphasis on the effect of aerosols); Simple Radiative Transfer Models; Training on Advanced aerosol instrumentation and so on.


Eligibility: Postgraduate (M.Sc, M. Tech, M.E) and PhD students from recognized Institutes/Universities.

About the organiser

The Divecha Centre for Climate Change was established at Indian Institute of Science in January 2009 with a generous financial contribution from Arjun and Diana Divecha and the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment.

The primary goal of this centre is to understand climate variability and climate change and its impact on the environment. The Centre has undertaken outreach activities to create awareness among people and policy makers about climate change and its consequences.This has been done through workshops, lectures and quiz contests. An annual invited public lecture called the 'Jeremy Grantham Lecture on Climate Change' has been organized.

The centre has identified technologies to mitigate climate change in collaboration with entrepreneurs and different engineering department in the Indian Institute of Science. The centre is also working with Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College, London, on the impact of climate change on water.

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