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Tackling Air Pollution ESG Webinar Series on Air Pollution

Environment Support Group

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8 Mar 2023

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8 Mar 2023

About the Event

The Revised Action plan for Control of Air Pollution in Bengaluru City has a 44 point agenda with responsibilities allotted to various agencies to respond with effective action, for which funds are also allocated. But in all of these factors, there is absolutely no attention paid directly to attending the healthy requirements of the poor and working classes, who are most at risk and constitute about half the metropolis’s 14 million population.These and more questions which often cross our minds, or come to us when we suffer from air pollution, will be disscussed by an interdisciplinary panel in a webinar, the first in a series on air pollution that Environment Support Group is organising in commemoration of 25 years of service to public causes and advancing environmental and social justice.

About the organiser

Environment Support Group [Environmental, Social Justice & Governance Initiatives], is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works to mainstream environmental and social justice in decision making through research, documentation, advocacy, training and campaign initiatives. We endeavor to mainstream the rights of local communities and voiceless ecosystems taking into account contextual complexities, especially their socio-cultural histories and traditional knowledge and practices. We work inter-sectorally, inter-sectionally and with an intent to ensure our actions are inter-generationally relevant.

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