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Issue of Crematoria in relation to Air Pollution

Clean Air Collective, Asar

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1 Jun 2023

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1 Jun 2023

About the Event

Crematoriums are polluting entities in every city and hence a part of every City Action Plan with dedicated action points. Though they contribute to increasing the pollution load, there is very little clarity on what can we do about them.

Shweta Vernekar, Parisar, and Leena Buddhe, CFSD- in Pune and Nagpur are actively working on this issue, with the support and engagement of the hub members.

In this webinar, they will be sharing their experiences on why they picked up the issue, how hub members are involved, what are the learnings, and the way forward.

About the organiser

The Clean Air Collective was a result of the observation that most of the problems we face today, including air pollution, cannot be solved with individuals or organisations working in silos. The Collective was created as an unbranded network working on air pollution - to align on strategy, to complement each other's work, to reduce duplication of efforts, and to ensure deeper impact through collaborative work. The Collective currently comprises 200 members - a diverse set of people and organisations.

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