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India’s NCAP and its Implications For Clean Air in India


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27 Mar 2023

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27 Mar 2023

About the Event

The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), launched in 2019 is a national-level strategy to address air pollution in India. The NCAP has given a strong impetus to air quality action in India, with 100+ cities springing into action through the creation of dedicated city clean air plans.  Following the introduction of the NCAP, million-plus cities in the country are now also recipients of dedicated funds for air quality action. NCAP has resulted in augmented air quality monitoring across cities, strengthening of local action on air quality and increased evidence on the nature of pollution in Indian cities.   While NCAP has strengthened air quality management, action needs to be scaled up to effectively address air pollution in India.  This talk will try to unpack the different components of the NCAP,  explore how it has improved city-level clean air planning and explain how NCAP has evolved in the last four years.

About the organiser

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on 16 February, 2018 established CERCA (Renamed Arun Duggal Centre of Excellence for Research in Climate Change and Air Pollution) to help scholars devise solutions to fight air pollution and promote scientific research in the field. The mission of CERCA is to promote scientific research on clean air issues and provide sustainable solutions to the problem of air pollution.

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