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How youth can play an active role in Solid Waste Management

Asar Social Impact Advisors

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22 Jul 2023

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22 Jul 2023

About the Event

The speakers of the webinar are High School kids who started an organization called 'Civitas', and are working actively on the issue of Waste Management in Hyderabad. They have managed to engage in solutions with corporates, RWAs, the city's municipality, and members of the informal sector.

It will be impactful to hear the youth's voices about their journey and how they managed to take up the issue heads on and how others are also capable of playing an active role.

About the organiser

Asar Social Impact Advisors works on social and environmental issues by conducting research, ground truthing, and understanding local contexts in order to build innovative strategies that are rooted in reality. Asar convenes conversations and helps build relationships between various stakeholders to be able to sustain collaborations essential to catalyze momentum and result in change.

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