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Heat Waves and Indian Cities – Report Release & Discussion on Awareness, Practices, & Losses


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14 Jun 2023

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14 Jun 2023

About the Event

Heatwaves are extreme weather events characterized by prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, often accompanied by high humidity. These events can have profound impacts on both human and natural systems, making them a topic of significant concern. In recent years, the frequency and intensity of heatwaves have been on the rise, prompting us to conduct a survey, to better understand their impacts and raise awareness among the public. The reports aim to delve into the impacts of heatwaves, the importance of studying them, and the results of the survey conducted in 16 cities.

About the organiser

Habitat Forum (INHAF), an Indian non-profit registered in 1999, is a network of professionals, civil society organizations, people engaged in academic and research work and others working in the human settlements development field, both rural and urban. Committed to better human settlements, especially the living conditions of the poor and lower income groups, it engages in studying development action and advocates required changes, focused on inclusivity, sustainability and equity. Informality, urban and rural housing, poverty, urbanisation, mobility and the role of professional education and that of civil society in development planning and action are its main areas of work.

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