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Healthier cities, better lives: Making a case for Carefree Cities

Carfree Cities Academy

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17 Aug 2023

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17 Aug 2023

About the Event

Carfree Cities Academy is hosting its monthly webinar this time on August 17, 2023. It's a Thursday.

Date: August 17, 2023

Day: Thursday

Time: 02:30 pm UK  |  03:30 pm CET  |  07:00 pm IST

Speaker: Dr. Meelan Thondoo, a medical anthropologist and environmental epidemiologist working in the global health arena. Meelan's research interests are city-level health impact assessments (HIA), multi-sectoral interventions and integrated policies for health.

About the organiser

Carfree Cities Academy is an international network of individuals and organizations who believe that cities could be vastly better if we were to focus on the needs of people and nature rather than on the needs of motorized vehicles. On the global level, they provide information, tools, and inspiration to partners while promoting the carfree concept. On the local level, they work closely with teams and organizations around the world to create changes in their cities, whether through policy, grassroots events, or a combination of approaches.

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