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Community Dialogue on Air Pollution

Adarsh Seva Sansthan and Clean Air Jharkhand

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6 Sept 2022

Event time:

7 Sept 2022

About the Event

Air pollution has disproportionate effects on different areas of society: low-income communities face increased exposure to air pollutants and increased health risks. Adarsh Seva Sansthan and Clean Air Jharkhand is organizing a community meeting on 7th Sept in Jamshedpur, It will be a step to engage with risk communities to be a part of a solution to the air pollution problem.


In the community meeting with the slum in Burmamines in Jamshedpur we will discuss the health impacts of air pollutants,  reducing risks and outcomes on health. We are expecting 40-50 community members and representation of ward members too.

About the organiser

The name ‘Adarsh Seva Sansthan’ is a combination of the terms viz. ‘Adarsh’, ‘Seva’ and ‘Sansthan’ from hindi literature- ‘Adarsh’ means ideal, theoretical and standard of perfection or model which is ideally perfect, ‘Seva’ means to serve and ‘Sansthan’ is an institution, society or organization of people or group. Hence, the name ‘Adarsh Seva Sansthan’ literally means the Institution or Society which provides ideally perfect kind of services with right based approach for qualitative change among and within the underprivileged, needy, marginalized, exploited and vulnerable poor sections of the society.

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