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Air Quality Actions for Climate Mitigation, Adaptation & Human health

Clean Air Asia

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17 Nov 2022

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17 Nov 2022

About the Event

This is a side event at #COP27 will shed light on how integrating air quality in climate mitigation & adaptation can create a healthy urban environment!

About the organiser

Clean Air Asia is an international non-governmental organization leading the regional mission for better air quality, and healthier, more livable cities throughout Asia. Our mission is to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Asia and contribute to the development of a more sustainable, equitable and healthier region. We empower governments and cities by inspiring action and focusing efforts on the planning and implementation of solutions at scale, fostering regional cooperation to address issues of mutual concern, and ensuring the integration of air quality management across sectors and institutions. Our work focuses on implementing solutions that reduce air pollution, its detrimental health impacts and mitigate the climate crisis. We do so by providing policy guidance, building capacity, and making a compelling case for action among stakeholders at city, national, and regional levels.

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