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Air Pollution in India: Challenges & Response Opportunities


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1 Mar 2024

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1 Mar 2024

About the Event

Air pollution in India has become a pressing environmental and public health concern, with far-reaching implications. It has come to dominate global conversation on living conditions in India’s national capital region as AQI levels skyrocket every winter, increasingly beyond the dangerous into the immeasurable category. Policymaking to appropriately address this recurring issue has proved insufficient. Addressing air pollution in India presents opportunities for policy reform and technological innovation but is beset by challenges related to urbanisation, agriculture, and enforcement of air pollution management frameworks and legislations. The tangible health impacts of long-term as well as short-term exposure to air pollution and its interaction with social inequality is another critical emerging aspect of the broader issue. Effective responses, currently fractured, will require a multidimensional approach involving government, industry, civil society and epistemic communities to ensure a sustainable response model. This roundtable discussion will seek to explore existing policy perspectives on air pollution management in India and address gaps and opportunities to enhance efficiency of existing efforts.


About the organiser

The Council for Strategic and Defense Research is a New Delhi based think-tank that combines rigorous academic research with policy advocacy and strategic consultancy.

Based out of New Delhi — a key national capital in the emerging geopolitics of South Asia and Indo-Pacific — allows us to understand and help shape the ever-changing geo-political panorama of the region. We work on issues such as foreign policy, regional connectivity, defense strategy, intelligence, strategic technologies, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, climate change and energy security.

CSDR’s multidisciplinary network of research professionals and senior policy practitioners fuses incisive research with experiential knowledge. This collaboration underpins our programmatic activities — empowering us to conduct timely and independent analysis, produce policy relevant knowledge, and curate multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms — for governments, businesses, research endowments and other associated institutions.

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