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Air Pollution: Government Action & Marginalised Voices

Mahila Housing Trust & Natural Resources Defence Council

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9 Aug 2022

Event time:

10 Aug 2022

About the Event

While conversation around air pollution have become prominant, they continue to ignore some of the most vulnerable communities. The conference will bring to the forefront the impact of air pollution on one of the most affected group in Delhi- Women Construction Workers. It will bring together the experiences, expertise and insights of academics, government officials and practitioners to create learning space.




About the organiser

Mahila Housing Sewa Trust (MHT)’s mission is to organize and empower women in poor communities to improve their habitat.

A quality habitat is a home with all basic services such as clean water, toilets, electricity, and adequate light and ventilation. It is a key financial asset that supports livelihoods, and makes the poor more resilient to heat stress, disease, and other hazards of climate change. Women understand that a strong neighborhood is essential to upgrading individual homes. They know how to work together to bring much needed services in their under-served communities. Through its grassroots programs in habitat development, climate change resilience, and participatory governance, MHT empowers women to exercise their rights and uplift living conditions for their families and neighbors.

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