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Sensing Local


22 March 2022

10 May 2022


Opportunity brief

An RFP is the face of your company to potential collaborators so it’s important to compose them well. Good ones lead to good proposals, good proposals lead to better working relationships, which leads to better better projects and outcomes. So what should you include if you want to write a good one? What details do vendors need to know about your project to bid accurately?

Anticipated time:


13 April 2022


14 April 2022

About the publisher / organisation

As a model, it serves as an in-between-step that formalizes learning and experimentation in the urban context to achieve impact at a faster pace for the largest section of society. The prime thrust of the Living Lab is to behave as a catalyst for the ecosystem of city’s decision makers, and ‘break through’ the trap of repetitive, fragmented, myopic actions.

How to apply?

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