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Senior Project Associate

Cornerstone: Knowledge Builders


7 Oct 2022

15 Oct 2022




Job description

Senior Project Associate will:

1. Plan and support team to facilitate community preparedness on the issue in sensitization sessions, trainings, events and social media campaigns
2. Support development of communication materials, whatsapp videos, and promotional material for public messaging
3. Ability to facilitate discussions and advocate on the issue; sensitize duty bearer of government, local and related stakeholders
4. Expertise in documentation and reporting


Skills: Knowledge of English and Hindi with computer skills

Experience: Minimum of year and half to two year work experience is desirable on issues related to household air pollution, biomass and burning of solid fuels and its direct impact on health and well-being of urban poor communities

About the organisation

Cornerstone Knowledge Builders (CKB) is a creative communication service set up by a team of professionals, with experience in the development sector, academia and the media. The idea is to address an urgent need in today’s context-that of creating seamless communication to stimulate multi-sectoral conversations, facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships and catalyze innovative practices.


Our work ranges from connecting various domains (e.g. health, education, gender) by communicating needs, knowledge and perceptions of different stakeholders; documenting transformative experiences (of communities, organizations, partnerships); landscaping existing resources (to assess strength and potential of programmes); repackaging knowledge for popular space such (newsletters, annual reports, mass media).

For any more details reach out to us on 

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