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Air Quality Data Scientist



26 Sept 2023

23 Oct 2023




Job description

CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air) is looking for a fully-remote Air Quality Data Scientist to join us in our efforts to curb air pollution worldwide.

Your main responsibility would be to build various air quality related algorithms or models and to conduct timely air quality analyses.

In the coming months, these are examples of projects you would be involved in:

  • “deweathering” of air quality data
  • computing global air pollution exposure maps using LUR or ML-based models
  • analysing ozone trends in various regions
  • estimating monthly gas flaring volume using VIIRS VNF
  • visualising pollutant dispersion.

For most of the tasks, you might:

  • review the literature and identify the most promising approach(es)
  • refactor existing code base if necessary
  • implement selected models using Python or R
  • validate models and assess results accuracy
  • publish case studies, methodologies and results.

As part of the data team, you will also be involved in:

  • infrastructure development / maintenance
  • refactoring existing code base
  • support tasks for regional teams (e.g. data scraping, data visualisation, data ingestion).

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • strong scientific foundation (MSc. or PhD. in related field preferred but not necessary)
  • proven experience with advanced spatial analysis and environmental data science
  • mastery of R, Python, git, unix command line.

and who are:

  • constantly eager to learn
  • detail-oriented and take pride in tidy and well-documented code
  • always keen to help on tasks that fall beyond their scope.
About the organisation

CREA is an independent research organisation focused on revealing the trends, causes, and health impacts, as well as the solutions to air pollution. We use scientific data, research and evidence to support the efforts of governments, companies and campaigning organisations worldwide in their efforts to move towards clean energy and clean air. We believe that effective research and communication are the key to successful policies, investment decisions and advocacy efforts.

For any more details reach out to us on 

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